YouTube’s New Comment System Explained / Is Comment Spamming Dead?

Here I will discuss the most important factors: (Thanks to a released 2013 post by Dobromir Montauk, Google+ Infrastructure Engineer)

A. Hyperlinks IN COMMENTS

Utilizing Google Search Engine, YouTube is presently whitelisting a growing number of websites and web pages to their permitted links list. These kinds of ‘safe links’ have been completely authorized by YouTube and therefore are the ONLY hyperlinks that may be included with users comments and yet remain visible to other users. This is being performed in an effort to reduce ‘bad links’ which include spam, scams, adult and illegal material. The permitted links primarily consist of, but aren’t limited to, educational and informative sites such as yahoo, harvard, fox, ebay, nbc etc. A growing number of links from general websites for example primewire, warrior, mixcrate are nevertheless being included in the authorized list, so if you run a domain with excellent material, lots of visitors and good popularity it will ultimately be added to the authorized links list. Having said that, some hyperlinks which include url shorteners (Is.gd, Snipurl, Su.pr), links to YouTube videos (other than the one getting commented on), social networking websites just like Pinterest, Myspace, LinkedIn, and adult are considered illegal websites and are NOT allowed in the YouTube comments regardless of their reputation.

NOTE: Should a YouTube user posts a comment that contains a hyperlink that’s not in the authorized list, the comment is instantly ghosted, which is made hidden to every YouTube user aside from the commenter.

HOWEVER: The commenter ONLY, is allowed to post a url shortend hyperlink e.g. a Is.gd link, and hyperlinks to general web pages that have not been included in the authorized links list by including it in the REPLIES section of their OWN comment. (not including illegal websites)


1. Thumbs up and replies to users comments, regardless if legit or unnatural, WILL NOT in any way impact a user’s comment position. This was employed in order to halt the tremendous amount of spamming on Top Comments by web bots, spamming tools, fraudsters etc. (So There is NO need to waste time attempting to get a comment into the Top Comment Section by utilizing automated means.)


2. The position of the Top Comments IS Influenced by the following aspects: (take notice)

Google+ Quality Factor: The Primary factor which is used to choose which comments should go top on YouTube comments is the quality factor of the commenter’s Google+ account, which is based on how frequently or the number of times the user has posted on their Google+ page, especially those discussions which includes hyperlinks to YouTube videos. YouTube comments from Google+ accounts having a higher quality factor are positioned much higher within the Top Comment Section as opposed to users having a lower quality factor.

Good standing: Comments posted from a YouTube account that is not in good standing for either infringing on copyrights, community guidelines strikes, and from where comments are regularly flagged for spamming will not be eligible for Top Comments for a time frame of approximately six months.


The previous YouTube commenting system was perfect for spammers, one thing Google was fully accustomed to dealing with. The brand new commenting platform will eventually clean up the comment section of YouTube due to the strick commenting guidelines YouTube has now applied:


1. Users may submit no more than 10 to 50 comments every 24 hours based on the quality factor of the users Google+ account. Any comments surpassing this limit is going to be hidden from public view and result in the YouTube profile being flagged.

2. When a users is flagged by YouTube they are banned from leaving comments for around 24 hours, during which all comments submitted will be ghosted from view (i.e. hidden). Also, the quality factor of the account is diminished drastically whenever it gets flagged.

3. When spotted, any similar duplicated comments posted from other YouTube accounts will be ghosted from public view and result in that account being banned from publishing visible comments for approximately 24 hours. (For this reason a large number of Bob comments vanished from YouTube in a single day)

4. Comments that contains unapproved hyperlinks will be ghosted from public view (i.e. hidden)


Some Important Points:

Prior to the updated commenting system being released on 11/16/2013, an evaluation of all Google+ accounts was performed to establish their quality factor. A future evaluation is also going to be performed in phases around 3 to 6 months from the last. This suggests that if you’ve got a Google+ account, there’s little you can do now to increase your quality factor before the next evaluation is completed. Even worse, if you made a new Google+ account following the update, that account immediately gets a quality factor of 0, which means its comments will not be ranked in the top comments section. In spite of this, you can try to increase your Google+ account’s quality factor by slowly commenting (original comments not spam) on videos (atthe most of 9 to 10 comments per 24 hours) and with a little luck when the new the Google+ accounts are analyzed your quality factor will likely be much better.

One important thing that I’ve noticed to instantly improve your comment ranking is by verifying your YouTube account, allowing comments to appear among the Top Comments more often. .

Most are stating YouTube comment spamming is basically over due to the new system. What do you believe? Take a moment and leave a comment below:


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