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NEW 2.0 Version Released!

Updated: The latest version of this software is working with the New YouTube Commenting System. More information can be found in the Comment Posting and Comment Voting demo videos posted below…

YES, Finally a YouTube Commenter Packed With Insane Features!

These days, YouTube is one of the world’s best promotional channels. This online video sharing service is designed to spotlight all kinds of video content, from music videos to fan montages to product infomercials and beyond. When you utilize the tools that this Youtube Comment Poster Bot has to offer, you’ll be ready to drive insane amounts of traffic to your websites.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you want to boost your own video, or whether you are in it to post comments on other peoples videos, you’ll find that adding this youtube commenting software to your promotion is the key to getting more attention.

Some of The Best Features Includes:

Bulk Account Checker

The bulk account checker is used to verify that your accounts are working and ready to use. By making sure that only working accounts are being used will ensure that the software runs smooth and efficiently.


The Scraper Tab

This scraper comes complete with three powerful options, and all three will be very helpful when maximizing your youtube promotions. The option Scraping videos based on keywords can be used to gather a list of urls to have the software post comments on.


Interactions Module

Get ready to boost your videos beyond your own expectations. I have personally used the Interactions tab to boost my own videos ranking and I’ll tell you right now, by using these features on your video you will see a huge difference in the ranking and placement on YouTube’s search results.


Single Commenter

There are two commenting modules in the software. This one being the Single Commenter allows the user to comment on their own video to popularize it and help make it to go viral.

Another effective way this commenter can be used is by posting positive reviews on some sort of promotional video, making youtube users think the product is a must have.


Commenter Plus

The second commenter and the most powerful in my opinion is the Commenter Plus. Okay, so I have been pushing cpa offers on YouTube for over 5 years using nothing but comments, and the thing about commenting and voting is it works.

Now you don’t want to go out and only blast comments on videos that are getting hundreds of views a minute. You want to also make sure you vote the comment up using the voter. But by mass blasting all of the highly viewed videos you will instantly see a storm of traffic.


Comment Voter

The Comment Voter will bring absolute power and domination to your Youtube commenting. With the ability to vote your comment to the top of any video page it has the chance to be seen by millions of people online.

When you vote your comment to the top of a video YouTube users shows that comment a level of trust and respect. So all I will say is make sure to take full advantage of this feature when using the Youtube Blaster Pro.


Views Increaser

By running the Views Increaser script you can easily inflate the views of a video. This is just another strategy used to boost a video’s ranking and popularity.

Please keep in mind at this time only new videos lower than the 302 + view count can be inflated.


That’s Right! There is Even More Features Included in This Hardcore Software.

I am sure you are anxious to get started using some of the terrific features I have gone over above. But the fact is we have barely even scratched the surface. Read on…

A Complete List of All the Features Included:

Check & Verify Multiple Accounts
Multi Threading Capabilities
Mass Subscribe to Channels
Mass Comment Rater/Voter
Mass Favorites Adder
Single and Mass Comment Poster
Randomize Delay Option
Increase and Inflate Video Views
Boost Video Likes, Subscribers, and Favorites
Down Vote or Flag Competitors Comments
Create YT Channels and Upload Google Profile Pic.
Mass Dislike Videos
Mass Unsubscribe from Channels
Mass Comment Rater “Own the Top Comment”
Scrape Videos, Comments, and Users
Mass PM and Channel Messenger
New! Unlimited Amounts of Google+ On Your Website!
NEW! Mass Messenger Module!
The ability to upload pictures to your profiles when running the account checker!
The ability to have the software create youtube channels when running the account checker!
You will learn how to automatically create an unlimited amount of Youtube accounts (PVA’S)!
You Will Get Free Updates for Life
A One Time Only Payment, NO Subscription!

NEW Version 2.0 Demo Videos:

Watch the Commenter Plus in Action

Tip: Click the arrow in the top right corner for full screen.

Watch the Comment Voter in Action

Tip: Click the arrow in the top right corner for full screen.

YouTube Blaster Is Always Working & Up to Date

Latest Version 2.0Click on the image for full size

Okay, Lets Go! Please, Take Me to The Page Where I Can Download This Beast.

There really isn’t anything else left to say, other than download Youtube Blaster now and begin the domination sequence. I am sure while in awe you will be both shocked and amazed at all of the possibilities this traffic generating software holds.



This Software has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased… Thanks!


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  1. Ahh it’s been discontinued – Anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these game changers ?

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