Virto Software: Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension Review (Download Full Version)


If you are interested in learning more about the capabilities of Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension then you have come to the right place. I too was curious as to if the price of this software lives up to what it is capable of doing and if it was right for me. I decided to share with you my experience using Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension and what it does so you can decide if you think it is right for you too!

If you are already familiar with SharePoint Designer demands then you will be able to use
Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension with ease and be able to to focus your time on what really matters, getting the job done. What I think is great is that the latest version is backwards compatible, so if you have a previous version then it will all work the same without any upset to what you have already or the trouble or learning it all over again. If you find that it is

missing something that is important, then all you would need to do is message the awesome staff and they will make sure that you receive it within a reasonable time frame.

Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension allows you to automate any business process using a 270+ pack of custom actions using SharePoint Workflow Designer including:

 Features Includes:

  •  Activate / deactivate SharePoint feature
  •  Create / Delete SharePoint group / list or document library / site / site collection
  •  Get List Items
  •  Convert InfoPath to PDF
  •  Import CSV file into SharePoint list
  •  Supported creating and deleting directory and file deleting
  •  You can execute SQL script with workflow initiated with WAK
  •  Supported Execute custom code activity allows executing a custom C# or VB.NET code from  SharePoint Designer Workflows
  •  Even fax activities can be used for running workflows for fax
  •  Manage your SharePoint site: create or delete SharePoint site or site collection, create, delete and rename SP groups, add and remove users to SP groups, create SP lists and documents, update site title and description and many others
  • Currency Converter is supported


This is only a few of the processes that  Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension is capable of. I have been very pleased with the ease of use that it offers and I am very surprised with how well it integrates with my own custom workflow. It is also possible to request your own custom activity if it is not already available within the vast library of actions already included. Sharepoint Workflow Activities Extension is the perfect way to optimize your company workspace.

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