How to Make $500 + a Day Uploading Videos to YouTube (adsense monetization)

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Youtube+&+Adsense+togethe[1]1) First of all you will need to make your channel niche related with something of interest. It doesn’t matter if SMACK CAM, POLICE CHASES, or even CUTE BABY videos. You just need it to be something of interest. You will need to pair your YouTube Account with adsense and enable the monetization feature, this will instantly make you one of YouTube’s partners. Also, you will want to make sure that you select the option for custom thumbnails.

2) Use Google and Search Vine.co, Dailymotion and the web for interesting SMACK CAM and POLICE CHASE video clips showing intense footage of the niche you are targeting. You then need to download these videos to your home computer so that you can later upload them on to youtube.

3) Once you have a collection of videos start uploading them on to YouTube. Make sure to use unique custom images that are likely to get a response from the users who browse videos. PLEASE NOTE: You do not want to go off an upload hundreds of videos on this account. Take it slow and upload a few videos gradually. We don’t want YouTube to think we are spamming our channel. If they do feel we are spamming they will surely disable the monetization feature on our account.



4)  This is one of the most important steps you will need to follow. Don’t worry to much about investing, since YouTube CPC (cost per click) is really cheap. Now make sure not to target only specific demographic locations as that will raise the price on the CPC. If your video that you are promoting is exciting, YT users will like and share it.After a few days, YouTube will begin showing it on search results and as related videos among other viral videos. This will pay off big time, as you will see that your other videos are now getting views, favorites, and even more important subscribers.

5) As soon as your sponsored video has a minimum of 10k views stop featuring it. The views will now come in on there own. By now you should see your channel becoming more and more popular. So don’t stop there rinse and repeat. Starting back at step 4 begin promoting another video. Again, don’t worry about the investment, because by this time you should already be earning money from your ad sense ads.

This method has worked for many of the top YouTube earners and it is completely white hat. Just don’t be lazy! Set your channel up with at least 10 to 20 niche related videos before promoting your featured video.

One Final Tip: Make sure to use an old YouTube account and not a fresh account you bought from the guy on fiverr. The reason being is when you upload videos to an older account your videos will get approved for monetization very quickly. Were literally talking minutes.. Just make sure your account is at least 6 months old and you shouldn’t have any problems.


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